The Brand

It is amazing to see how men are getting more experimental and willing to try something “out of the box” each time they dress up. And we are glad we came across someone like you, who is so fond of dressing sharp. Your concerns of finding the right accessories with those tailor-made suits in the price range that you are looking for are so genuine and we are here to address them. Have you also been on the hunt of a vintage piece like precious stone cufflinks and ended up being disappointed for not finding the same? Well, life was a little unfair until you found us!

When we surveyed some 200 dapper men like you, we tried to dig deep and deal with the basic issues of suiting up smartly. After a thorough analysis, we have brought out a range of premium formal accessories that are going to turn your dapper dreams closer to reality. Your meaningful insights have helped us develop the following:

  • The most  upmarket collection of cuff-links; more than 450 designs to make a choice from
  • Exclusivity in terms of doing the unconventional: our range of semi-precious stone studded and ceramic cufflinks are not to be missed
  • Strict quality checks that bring out nothing less than the best for you to your doorstep

Peluche comprises of a team of enthusiastic professionals who share the same beliefs as a stylish gentleman would do and hence, we get it! We want to be the passionate team behind your swanky avatar who is highly dedicated in making your first impression impactful. Men want to be taken seriously and dressing up well is considered a form of good manners. We know all of you men of style will agree with us on that.

The wait is over! With Peluche, you are about to set your own rules and own the look like a boss. Our classic formal accessories are going to help you bring about the most stellar outcome and all the women out there drooling. Need we say more?