Meet Our Team

At Peluche, we are proud to have a dedicated team of enthusiastic members, each playing a pivotal role in our journey to become a top destination for men's accessories. Our team comprises talented individuals who contribute their unique expertise to various aspects of our business. From visionary leadership to financial mastery, exceptional sales skills and the behind-the-scenes wizards, they collectively drive Peluche's mission of delivering style and quality to our valued customers.



        Mr. Dheeraj, Business Head

Meet Dheeraj, the captain of our accessory ship. He's the man with a plan, the visionary behind Peluche's journey to accessorise India in style. When he's not brainstorming style, he's probably busy adding to his collection of pocket squares. Dheeraj knows all the ins and outs of accessories and he's here to make Peluche your go-to source for all things charming and fashionable.







Ravish, Sales Star

Ravish is our sales superheroine. She has the incredible ability to sell anything to anyone and she does it with a touch of charm. When she's not sealing deals, you'll likely find her sharing her sales secrets with a warm smile.






Nisha, Sales Charmer 

Nisha is our charm expert. She knows how to win people over and that's why clients love her. When she's not working her magic, she's probably spreading good vibes in the office.








Amit, Global Sales Pro

Amit is our global sales pro. He's the one who takes Peluche worldwide. When he's not sealing deals, you'll often find him exploring fresh opportunities and bringing more style to our customers.








Vanshika, Category Magician

Vanshika is our Category Magician. She's the wizard behind the scenes, making sure our products are a perfect match for your style. She has a talent for finding the coolest trends, ensuring Peluche stays your go-to destination for all things fashion-forward.








Shivani, The Trendsetter

Meet Shivani, our Social Media Expert at Peluche, the mastermind behind our men's accessories brand! With her finger on the pulse of all things trendy, Shivani brings a fresh and dynamic vibe to our online presence. As the captain of our social ship, she's the one steering the course to keep you connected with the latest in men's fashion.





Ravi, Financial Maestro

Ravi is our financial wizard, responsible for ensuring the financial health of Peluche. He's not only the numbers maestro but also the payroll party planner, making sure your salaries arrive with a side of funk. Plus, he's the gadget guru, keeping our devices in the groove, ensuring that we're always connected and groovy. 







Shahnawaz, Financial Whiz

Shahnawaz is our financial guru, making sure everything adds up just right. He's also the one who keeps our devices running smoothly, ensuring we stay connected and productive.





Raja, Vendor Whisperer

Raja is our Vendor Whisperer, with an unreal ability to build and maintain strong relationships with our partners. He's the go-to person for ensuring everything runs smoothly with our vendors, making sure Peluche stays stocked and ready for you.







Ajay, Vendor Navigator

Ajay is our Vendor Navigator, skillfully charting a course through the world of vendor management. He's the one who ensures our partners are in sync with Peluche's mission, keeping our godowns filled with the trendiest accessories for your delight.






  Raju, Packaging & Dispatching                   Extraordinaire

 Raju is our Packaging & Dispatching Extraordinaire, ensuring that every Peluche order leaves our warehouse impeccably packed and promptly delivered to your doorstep. He's the maestro behind the scenes, making sure your purchases arrive in style and on time. 






          Bapi, Production Prodigy

Bapi is our Production Prodigy, driving the creation of Peluche's trendsetting accessories. He's the mastermind behind bringing your favourite styles to life, ensuring that every product meets our high standards of quality and fashion. 





        Suraj, Warehouse Wizard

Suraj is our Warehouse Wizard, orchestrating the organised chaos of our storage facilities. He's the guardian of Peluche's treasure trove of accessories, ensuring they're readily available for your delight. When you receive a package from us, you can thank Suraj for the meticulous storage and quick dispatch.