Men's Guide to Wedding Attire

In the colorful world of Indian weddings, where traditions blend with celebrations, dressing up becomes an art. As a special guest, it's important to find the right mix of respecting traditions and showing off your personal style. Peluche, a trendsetter in men's accessories, acts like a guide in this fashion journey. This guide is all about sophistication, underlining that each piece of clothing or accessory is like a brushstroke on the canvas of your personal style.

Traditional Elegance: A Symphony of Heritage & Style

In the realm of traditional attire, men are spoiled for choice. The selection often hinges on the nature of one's relationship with the couple and the overall tone of the event. So, if you are going for a traditional look you have following options:


Wedding outfit foe men



Kurta Pyjama: 

A classic choice that seamlessly combines comfort with tradition, the well-tailored kurta pyjama sets the stage for a refined and relaxed presence. This timeless ensemble not only reflects cultural grace but also ensures a comfortable experience throughout the festivities. You can elevate your look by pairing it with an elegant pocket square.






Wedding outfit for men



For a majestic touch, sherwanis embody bold elegance, commanding attention with timeless charm. Add sophistication without overshadowing by using a matching or contrasting lapel pin. This combination strikes a perfect balance, making a memorable statement at any celebration, blending tradition and modern refinement effortlessly.







Nehru Jacket:

Versatile and timeless, the Nehru jacket seamlessly transitions between formal and semi-formal occasions. You can add up an additional flair by adding matching pocket squares and a simple brooch that can inject a pop of colour and an air of sophistication, striking the perfect balance.







Bandhgala or Jodhpuri Suits:

The Bandhgala or Jodhpuri suits seamlessly fuse tradition and modernity. Ideal for those who appreciate a stylish blend, these suits embody cultural grace. Enhance the ensemble with a premium brooch for a refined touch that maintains the balance between heritage and contemporary flair.



Western Flair: A Modern Symphony of Elegance

For those inclined towards contemporary styles, Western outfits provide a canvas for expression, each option offering a distinct flavour.


Shirt & Pant:

The classic combination of a shirt and pants presents a versatile and timeless choice for weddings. This ensemble effortlessly balances style and comfort, making it suitable for various occasions. Consider adding a touch of refinement with well-chosen accessories, such as cufflinks or a nice set of shirt studs, to elevate the look and make a tasteful statement at any celebration.







Coat & Pant: 

The coat & pant ensemble exudes timeless charm, making it a perfect choice for formal or semi-formal wedding settings. This classic combination effortlessly marries sophistication with style. To add a dash of finesse to this ensemble, consider incorporating accessories like a necktie and a matching pocket square, allowing you to strike the ideal balance between classic and contemporary fashion.










Three-Piece Suit: 

A three-piece suit is a symbol of timeless style, capturing attention with its class and refinement. This choice radiates elegance and is perfect for those aiming for a polished and distinguished look at weddings. Complete the ensemble with subtle accessories like a lapel pin or a pair of cufflinks, underscoring meticulous attention to detail for a truly sophisticated appearance.


Mindful Colour Choices: The Palette of Positivity

In the lively tapestry of Indian weddings, where love and celebrations paint the atmosphere with vibrant hues, the choice of colours becomes a subtle form of expression. Amidst the kaleidoscope of possibilities, it's encouraged to embrace your preferred colours. 
However, in this spectrum of choices, it's prudent to exercise caution, especially regarding the use of red and black. Red, traditionally reserved for the bride and groom, symbolises celebration and joy, while black is considered inauspicious in many cultural contexts. By steering clear of these hues, you not only honour tradition but also ensure your attire harmonises seamlessly with the cultural significance of the joyous festivities.
In the end, In the vibrant tapestry of Indian weddings, Peluche stands as the guiding light for men navigating the intricate landscape of wedding attire. Moving seamlessly from traditional elegance to modern flair, the guide underscores the importance of each accessory as a defining element of personal style. Recommendations span from classic Kurta Pyjamas to modern Western ensembles. Emphasising mindful colour choices that respect cultural traditions, Peluche ensures attire reflects personal taste while harmonising with the joyous festivities. 
Explore Peluche's website for a curated selection of premium men's accessories, where each piece adds sophistication, helping you make a memorable statement at every celebration. Your refined personal style awaits – embark on the journey with Peluche today.

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