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Do you Really need to Wear a Tie Pin?


How many times have you thought of ditching that tie pin considering it to be old school? Many men decide to toss out the rule of wearing a tie pin, but you’d be surprised to know that this small fashion detail can actually have a huge impact. In fact, tie pins have made a rumbling comeback in the fashion world and they aren’t going out of style , for a very long time, so say the least.

It’s the little things in life that make it beautiful and we can say the same about men accessories like tie-pins that were invented a long time ago are making a massive resurgence. Fashion lovers who are obsessed with dressing up will totally understand why tie-pins are relevant and how they finish the look of an outstanding suit. Your suit might be a ten on ten on a particular day but if you haven’t accessorized it well, you’re probably not doing justice to it.

Tie-pins have not been paid much attention to but we can definitely not rule out their importance in times of today. Real men as they say, pay a lot of attention to such details to make sure that the debonair in them doesn’t go unnoticed. A tie-pin may just come across as a tiny piece of metal with two tails to keep a tie in place, but it has much more to offer than just being something so stationery. Here’s why you should invest in a tie-pin:

  • Expediency
  • The most logical answer to why you should wear a tie-pin is because of its functionality. What could be a better way to keep the tie in place while you are doing the run-of-the-mill tasks and trying to keep it chic? And that’s where the role of a tie-pin comes into picture. It has the ability to accentuate the look of that up-market tie that you just bought online just by clipping its ends together. Need we say more?

  • Style quotient
  • Give a man the right accessories and he can conquer the world. We couldn’t agree more! This small bar of gold/rhodium or metal is that essential accessory that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. While keeping the look of the tie and suit intact, a tie-pin is meant to complete the look of the urbane fashionista. Be it David Beckham or a fashion connoisseur like Nick Wooster, everyone is loving the look and feel of this coveted accessory. It is tiny but strong enough for you to be taken seriously.


  • It is an accessory and a piece of jewelry at the same time
  • Many of you might not be aware but tie-bars have been considered as vintage pieces of art since its inception. Those who have had an interest in the history of men’s fashion would know what a vintage tie-bar would mean to a man. It is as priceless to a gentleman as his cuff-links or any other timeless piece is. And it has the dual quality of keeping the tie in place while exhibiting the attributes of men’s jewelry-a very rare but interesting phenomenon of men’s fashion.

  • Viability
  • A tie-pin or tie-bar is a one-of-a-kind fuss-free accessory. Its viability can be gauged in terms of the fact that it can be easily placed by sliding it from one end to another. The craftsmanship of tie-pins is such that it allows the space between the U-shape of its edges to hold the ends of a tie together without putting in too much effort. You would not even realize how conveniently one small accessory will change your suit game. And that’s the beauty of it!

  • Tie-pins define men with extraordinary taste
  • Time and again we have come across the proverb by Tom Ford, “Dressing well is a form of good manners!” And while you are at it, it’s the tie bars that will up your fashion game in no time. Not many people are aware of the utilitarian and aesthetic effect that accompanies the tie-pin. But we must tell you that once you have incorporated the habit of finishing your formal look with a tie-bar, there is clearly no looking back.

    Tie-pins have been synonymous of classy English dressing and men with polished choices are the ones who have mastered this classic way of dressing up by accessorizing well. By that we mean the right of accessories like collar pins and tie-pins, which might be rare yet impactful.


  • Myriad styles available

    Another benefit of having tie-pins in your accessory wardrobe is that fact that they are unrestrictive. From vintage styles that you end up paying a premium for to more casual ones, there’s literally one for everyone out there. Elaborating on the same, it can be concluded that tie-pins not only add character to formal wear but are equally essential when it comes to dressing up for casual business meetings. From mismatched to DIY styles that are surfacing these days, we guarantee that you will be totally in awe of the versatility that tie-bars come with.


  • Good for striking tie knots
  • For those who have always struggled to keep their tie-knots stark and popping at all times, the tie pin is more of a necessity than a decorative piece. The workability of a tie-pin is so amazing that sloppy tie-knots will be a thing of the past. And with styles like bars, chains and pins available, your still quotient is going to fetch you compliments like never before


    Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there’s also something else that needs your attention. The way tie bars are clasped to the ties is an equally important aspect of sharp dressing. The ideal way of placing a bar is usually between the third and fourth button of a shirt. It should be slid right from there making the edges of the pass smoothly over to the other end.

    It’s a myth when people think that tie-pins are only meant to keep the necks of the tie together. However, the reality is that tie-pins need to clench through the peepholes of the shirt for it to be pinned appropriately to serve the purpose it is intended for. Also, while sliding the tie-pin, the clip needs to cover about 75-80% of width of the tie. Anything more or less could make the look of your suit and tie goofy. Thus, handle the tie-pin carefully for it to bring out the best in a formal wear!

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