5 Trendsetting Ways to Wear Suspenders

The definition of a well-dressed man is undergoing a modification. By that we mean that apart from fine tailoring that men are more than excited to invest in, paying attention to details has become the new thing! A man with good taste is often characterized by his sense of coordinating the best customized fits with the smartest accessories. Do you take them as seriously as you invest your energy in a bespoke suit? Do you venture into accessories to complete the look of a suit?

If the answer to the question above is a “yes”, then welcome to the world of fine dressing. This may come as a surprise to many of you sharp witted gentlemen but certain accessories came into being much before you all can fathom. Can you imagine that suspenders (popularly known as braces) were born much before the belts were invented? And their purpose was pretty much the same as the belts-holding up the trousers.

Taking a Brief Look at the History

During the 18th century, the most basic looking suspenders were formulated. They were least like the modern versions of leather suspenders that we see today. They were literally like strips of cloth that ran over the shoulders from the front to the back and then clasped to the waistband of trousers. Back then, suspenders had a mission to accomplish rather than being an ornamental piece of sartorial delight. And when men’s fashion switched from that period to the time when low-rise trousers started trending, suspenders were soon forgotten. It is only post the 1940s period that the British and American workforce adopted the suspenders in full-swing, this time using it to make a statement. And the 70’s witnessed a huge restoration of this trend with practically every outfit under the sun.

The relevance of suspenders for men’s fashion came into play when men started donning these accessories to accentuate the basic look of an outfit. However, it may get a little tricky to sport suspenders. Make sure you know the trick right before you set out to make a mark!

How to Wear a Suspender in 5 Different Ways

Flaunting suspenders could totally be a hit if done correctly. There’s no wrong or right way of doing it. Here are some uncustomary methods of styling them for you to stand out:

  • The Vintage Hero



    Nothing seems more royal and elegant than vintage fashion. There is something so exquisite about doing the suspenders the traditional way that it doesn’t get classier. With the most exemplary shirt and trouser combination coupled with a coordinated bow-tie, the suspenders in a contrasting color can give you just the right of sophistication.

    It will be rather interesting to note how such a subtle yet glorifying combination of accessories is going to give outfit goals to the men out there. Be the Vintage Hero in suspenders and we assure your style will be remembered for years to come.

  • Street Style Champion



    A more casual yet impactful way of exhibiting your love for suspenders is doing it the street style way. Heighten the look of a crisp white shirt and solid trousers (both rolled up) coupled with smart shoes by adding suspenders to the look. The suspenders here are merely for an aesthetic effect. Ever wondered how an accessory that was invented to keep your trousers in place is capable of making such show-stopping outcomes? Flaunt them this way to believe it!

  • Print Chic


    A print on print can get rather daring and experimental but believe us when we say this- it’s totally worth a shot! Pay close attention how a printed half-sleeve shirt is pitted against check trousers with a totally uncoordinated pocket square. And then wham! There is the black colored “Y-style” suspenders to make you ace festive dressing in ways that are unimaginable. This unconventional style of parading the suspenders doesn’t come easy but the outcome is totally meritorious. Already feeling the Coachella vibes while picturing this look on you? We bet you are winning already!

  • Denim Delight



    An all-denim look is an out and out winning combination. Street style stars have often expressed their love for denim by showing up in it from head to toe and finishing the look with white sneakers. Add to that the most casual suspenders and a classic fedora hat and bring out the ultimate savoir faire. This by far, is the most effortless and practical looks to experiment with suspenders and a fail-safe outfit combination on any given day. We bet such fuss-free looks with suspenders are going to take you places. From a casual day out to a sun-downer event, this denim on denim look coupled with suspenders, is a total knockout! It’s easy-going, casual and a head-turning look as you strut the streets of your favorite town.

  • The Corporate Fashionista


    Add suspenders to a formal corporate look and make a million dollar appearance. Having said that, there are certain things that you must bear in mind while fashioning the suspenders in a corporate arrangement. Make sure that you are not wearing a belt when you are wearing suspenders because the entire aim of wearing them gets defeated. It’s a strict no-no to fashion a belt and suspenders together.  The second factor is the color of the suspenders. Make sure it’s coordinated with your entire outfit and not something that looks completely alien and off-beat.

    As long as you are doing a well matched suit and tie look with suspenders, you can never go wrong. Feel free to add a pocket square if you like and your next board meeting will be nothing short of spectacular.

    Suspenders are a modern man’s armor to shining bright. This piece of subtle accessory is definitely going to add to your look once you have learned to accessorize it well. Whether it’s an X-style or a Y-style or for formal wear or casual dressing, suspenders are the next big thing. You need to invest in this IT trend now to put your best foot forward and look insanely debonair!

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